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                  Disposable oral examination Care Pack

                  Product performance structure and composition:

                  1. Necessary accessories: tongue depressor, tweezers, tray, optional accessories: scarf, hemostatic forceps, cotton ball, film gloves. Special specifications and quantities shall be in accordance with the contract.

                  2. Scope of application: applicable to clinical oral care.

                  Precautions and warning notes:

                  1. The product is sterilized with ethylene oxide, and the sterile period is two years.

                  2. This product is disposable. Please destroy it after use.

                  3. When using this product, check the small package first. The small package is damaged and still used.

                  4. It shall be stored in a clean environment with relative humidity less than 80%, no harmful gas, cool and dry, good ventilation.

                  5. For the production date, please refer to the packing bag seal or certificate of conformity.

                  Copyright  Jiangsu Ruiyang Medical Technology Co., Ltd  Record:蘇ICP備15004224號-2
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