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                  Disposable rubber surgical gloves

                  Instructions: when using this product, you should trim your nails, dry your hands after hand disinfection, and wear it in a suitable hand type. After wearing gloves, the surface powder should be removed aseptically before operation.

                  matters needing attention:

                  1. Pitted or smooth surface, with or without powder, straight or curved fingers to see the outer box.

                  2. The product may cause allergic reaction of the hot rubber latex manufacturing

                  3. The product is sterilized by ethylene oxide, only for one-time use, and the sterile period is two years

                  4. This product should not be exposed to oil, acid and other chemicals that may damage rubber, and should not be cut by sharp sharp objects

                  5. Do not use if the package is damaged. The package is sterile

                  Copyright  Jiangsu Ruiyang Medical Technology Co., Ltd  Record:蘇ICP備15004224號-2
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